Trash Home Pick Up, LLC
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Trash Home Pick Up, LLC

Trash Home Pick Up, LLC is a new, dependable, and honorable valet trash service.

What is Valet Trash Pick Up?

It is an amenity service for Apartment/Condo Complexes that provides convenient pick up nightly to their residents. We are here to save the residents time and energy. We will provide this service three times a week at a time of night that minimizes resident encounters. We will only provide the service during the day if the Property Management chooses to do so.  The residents will place their tied garbage bags in baskets outside their door and we will pick them up promptly. We will make sure that the walkways are clean after the pickup and will dispose of the garbage properly.  We will also make a second round to double check to ensure that the walkways are clean.

We are operating in the area. We do not have a physical address yet but we should be able to return calls and emails within 24 hrs.


Service Hours

Our service can be provided within 7:00 AM to 12 AM Monday – Sunday depending on Property Management needs. We would prefer to serve in late hours to avoid the Residents’ guest encounter with the trash.




We are licensed in the State of as LLC.